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Friday, October 19, 2007

Scammers Target Stay At Home Moms

Once the kids to back to school and mom has a little more time on their hands they may begin to consider ways to bring in some extra cash. Spending time on the internet searching for work at home opportunities can often be rewarding, provided you understand that there are many scams being offered, many targeted for the stay at home parents looking to make money.

Working at home is an inviting concept and many opportunities exist that present a legitimate means of finding work. Unfortunately, there are plenty more where the only ones who make money are those offering the opportunity. Beware of headlines such as “Learn how to crack the code to internet riches,” and “I was a victim of 37 scams until I stumbled across this opportunity.

When looking through offers for an internet business opportunity you need to ask yourself some serious questions about the offer. Many will carry a similar theme indicating they have found a way to make bundles of cash online and want to share the secret. You need to ask yourself, why? Here is perfect stranger, willing to share with me the secret they use to make millions of dollars online. Of course this secret is not going to be free, and sometimes it is available for a limited time price of just $19.95 and you will receive their complete information package of how you can make money.

Why aren't they sharing this information with family and close friends so they can have an entire family of wealthy relatives? Why are they offering this opportunity to strangers? Possibly because their family and friends were suckered into their last get-rich-quick scheme.

One of the most prolific scams online is signing up to be a secret shopper. There are many companies that do use secret shoppers to visit stores and restaurants and turn in a review to the company informing them how a particular unit is performing. To claim this company can hook you up with many companies where you can get paid up to $40 an hour doing things you love to do and keep everything you bought, is nothing more than a scam.

Yes, these companies have the names and addresses of the companies that use secret shoppers and that is what you will be buying. Once you send in your payment, which varies from $19.95 to $39.95, you will receive a list of companies that use secret shoppers and instructions on how to fill out their online applications. If the company is looking for more shoppers they might contact you for a future interview. Most of these offers carry no guarantee that you will ever be chosen to be a secret shopper, let alone get paid $40 an hour for going to a restaurant.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Running Home Business Requires Dedication And Discipline

One of the most common causes of failures of work at home businesses is the fact the person operating the business should never have started in the first place. Not everyone has the dedication and, more importantly, the discipline needed to run their own business out of their home and will quickly find that setting their own hours and being at home all day, everyday is the rosy picture painted by the stories about self-employment.

Running your own business involves someone to handle sales, production, orders, billing and all of the other departments necessary to keep a business operating. When you first start out in a home business, the people that do the work will most likely be you and it will not take long to realize just how many hours are required to get everything done.

Then there's the promise that often comes with home business opportunities about having the time and money to spend on vacations and having more time with the family. While the business is in its infancy, that is just not going to happen. There will be time spent with the family, but usually it is while you remind them that you are working and need to be left alone. The biggest adjustment when you start a home-based business is having family and friends understand that while you are at home, you are still working.

If your new business can be done completely from home, it is better to have a separate office area in which to work. An area that is off limits to other family members during your business hours, during which you can concentrate on the task at hand without interruption. One suggestion made by successful home business operators is to get a watchdog to sit at the door of your office to keep interruptions to a minimum. While this tip is given in jest, it is important to make sure your home office is treated as though you were working for someone else.

With most work at home businesses, you can set your own hours and, if possible, it will make your home life easier if you establish work hours around your family's schedule. If there are hours when no one else is home, that should be time in which the bulk of your work is done.

You have probably heard the stories about people working at home in their pajamas and while this opportunity may be available, it probably isn't a good idea. You will need to establish your work schedule, just as you would if someone else was writing your checks and then work your schedule. Your clients or customers are paying you to deliver a product or service in a timely manner and you will have to present professionalism to yourself as well as potential customers. By being at work when you are scheduled, you can get the promised work done on time and gain new clients based on your reputation.

Room For a Home Business

There are many things that you want to think about when you start up a home business, and finding room for your business is a huge part of it. A home business is going to be just that - you are working at home. And unless you have a lot of money and can afford to have a place that is set aside for your home business, you want to think very carefully about how you can have your home business and your home at the same time.

It is not something that is impossible, no matter what you might think. In fact, having a home business in your home might be easier than going to work each day, as long as you do it right.

The first thing that you need is space. It is simply great if you can afford to have a room in your home that is only used for your home business, but if you can't, don't fret about it. There are still going to be lots of ways that you will be able to have a home business. First of all, you have to think about the needs of your business. Do you have a business where you simply do work at your computer - work that can be done with just a computer and some storage space for files? If this is the case, it is very easy to set aside some space in a room to have a computer. Remember though, it is going to benefit you if you are able to have a computer that is only for the business. This is especially important if you have children who are going to be using the family computer. It will always be better if you are able to have a separate place to store all of your files and your work items.

If you need more than just a computer for space, you are going to have to be a little bit creative. There are many things that you can do if this is the situation. First, remember that you are going to have to make decisions based on what you have to work with. If you have lots of product that you have to keep, you are going to have to make storage space so you can have enough room for your product. This can be anywhere, as long as it is safe and secure and you can keep it out of the way of the rest of your life.

The trick to maintaining a home business and your home at the same time is to make sure that there are distinctions. If you need to use a big table, try to set one up in an unobtrusive place - don't simply use your dining room table just because it is there.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Researching Home Business Opportunities Right For You

With today's job market being diluted by outsourcing, many people are suddenly finding themselves out of a job. Sitting around the house all day worrying about what you will do when your savings is gone is not a good thing, and with the number of opportunities available for operating you own home business continually growing, many find themselves as a home business owner is default.

However, finding a business you can operate from home will take some research and should be aligned around your interests, knowledge and experience. Once you being a home business, you will need to work it as a traditional job because income from that business is what will pay your bills and keep you from going hungry. It will also consume a lot of your time and energy so it needs to be something that you like.

Most people hear, as they are growing up, that the best job in the world is the one you would do for free if you didn't have to worry about your bills. The same holds true for starting a home business. It should be something you like to do and are willing to work at in order to pay the bills. Otherwise, it's just another job.

For example, a person who has a lot of experience working with their hands and building things out of wood or metal may find a home business performing furniture repair or refinishing suited to their hobby. They can also create and market woodcraft items, selling them through local retailers or at craft markets, effectively having their own home business selling things they make in their home workshop.

Another example could a person who has worked as accountant for someone else for years who suddenly find his or her job has been eliminated. They can open their own accounting service performing billing and invoicing for other small businesses. Many new businesses cannot afford to hire a full-time accountant and by working with several small companies, you can create several income streams to help make ends meet.

Simply drawing on your experience and knowledge learned while working for someone else can often lead to ideas for starting a home business. In many cases, most of the work can be done at home, telecommuting with clients. In other businesses, you may have to travel to meet with clients or attend shows at which to sell your products. Either scenario will provide an income earned through your home business while paying the bills.

Before deciding to open a home business, you should check with your local zoning department to make sure there are no zoning laws against operating a business out of your home. Typically, if the business has no reason for clients to visit and no signs are posted in the front yard, there are few problems with a home business. If you plan a deluge of customers increasing traffic on your street and blocking the sidewalk when they visit your shop, you may have to rethink your home business efforts.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Qualities that Entrepreneurs Need

One of the biggest myths regarding starting your own business is that you are doomed to failure unless you have a natural aptitude or a natural talent for business. In other words, if you weren't born to be an entrepreneur, then you are going to be sunk before you even start. Needless to say, this is an untrue notion. While there are a number of skills that you absolutely have to be a successful businessman, there are ways for you to develop those skills along the way. Instead of those skills, what you need to be thinking about are the qualities inherent to all good entrepreneurs. There are some of them and there are some things you need to have, but if you are interested in starting a business chances are you have them already.

The first one is perseverance. Starting a business is like the exponential version of working on a project for school. When you are learning a new concept for that project, you are going to have to go slow, but steady. If you just start, do it for a bit and then leave it alone, you are going to fail the project. But if you start it and then keep at it little by little, you are going to end up with a successful final product. This is what you need to do in business; you need to keep at it until you get to the point of being successful.

In addition to perseverance, you need to have a thick skin. In the business world, you are going to meet a number of cut-throat individuals that would like nothing better than to see you fail so that they can succeed. While it is good to have business relationships with other companies, what is not so good is taking anything negative they say as the gospel and taking it completely to heart. If you do that, then it won't take very many negative comments before you hang up your business for good. Consider taking people's advice if it is constructive, but do not listen to anyone that is completely negative.

Finally, in addition to perseverance and a thick skin, you also need to have the ability to deal with failure. There are a number of people that do not have this ability and in fact there are people that give up on something after having one unsuccessful try at it. This is something that you need to avoid in business because you're going to fail at things again and again. The most successful businessmen of today were failures at some point yesterday; what makes them successful businessmen is that they did not give up. You shouldn't give up either; if you have one quality out of these three, make sure it is the ability to deal with failure.